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Liaoyang branch of Sinopec visits on-the-spot investigation

China Petroleum Liaoyang petrochemical company engineer Li Zhifeng rate of a pedestrian to our company production workshop for field visits, Anshan thermal power valve key enterprises.In the hearing report and on-site inspection, Liaoyang Petrochemical leadership survey and Solution to the progress of new products of Anshan hot valve, participate in research and development experts, problems in the bidding process and the further development of Sinopec Liaoyang branch in the future thermal Anshan cooperation of a class of products

Proceed with the problem

Intimate investigation.

Anshan thermal instrument valve technician solemnly on the development of the company, the new plant completed and put into operation after the operation and valve optimization trends made a report.

According to the introduction, our factory has already started with Liao in early 2002 Yang petroleum products branch cooperation, our factory has been for Liaoyang branch to provide products, to this year has been 15 years, PetroChina Liaoyang branch of our products have a deep recognition and recognition. Anshan Thermal Engineering Co., Ltd.

PetroChina Liaoyang Petrochemical Co., ltd..

The company's project includes pneumatic diaphragm control valve, pneumatic cut-off valve, pneumatic sleeve control valve three main products. Valve internal design, process preparation, production cycle, such as the valve,How to improve and so on.

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