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ARIV Exhibitors International Fluid Machinery Exhibition(IFME)

Ariv exhibits International Fluid Machinery Exhibition (International Federation of medical electronics)

Warmly congratulate Anshan Thermal Instrument Valve Co., Ltd. to participate in the Eighth China (Shanghai) International Fluid Machinery Exhibition (ifmf) 2016, and obtain Complete success.

Anshan Thermal Instrument Valve Co., Ltd. is a well-known brand in the industry, participated in the event. This exhibition is mainly concentrated in the company's various valves, instrumentation products. In the three day show, our booth caused.It has been widely concerned both at home and abroad, including pneumatic control valve, pneumatic actuator, electric control valve, etc..Products become one of the highlights of the exhibition.Anshan hot display products, by a group of new and old customers involved, many businessmen on Sony

Machinery exhibition products expressed great interest, many customers are in the field of detailed consultations, hope that through this opportunity to carry out in-depth cooperation. The exhibition has been working with many customers.

At the same time, discuss or intend Friendly exchanges, through the exhibition and colleagues, let a lot of new friends, understand the latest market at home and abroad valve instrument industry, open up international vision, the future development of Anshan thermal power will also bring new opportunities.

Customer success The contract has arrived in India, Egypt and many other areas.

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