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  • Condensing system

    Condensing system

    1Condensing systemThe control valve is used for water level control during pre-heating process. When pressure of condensate water drops down sharply, obvious pressure drop is completely born by the va

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  • Feeding water system of boiler

    Feeding water system of boiler

    2Feeding water system of boiler ③Recirculation control valve of deaeratorThe feeding water pump of the deaerator shall provide a feeding water control system of minimum flow for protection durin

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  • Main steam system

    Main steam system

    3.Main steam systemThe main steam system covers all steam circulation process from the outlet of the boiler to the condenser. It includes the overheater to the HP casing, the reheater to the LP casing

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  • Heating furnace water drainage system

    Heating furnace water drainage system

    4.Heating furnace water drainage systemThe power plant generally has two sets of the feeding water and heating systems, i.e., the LP heater and the HP heater.The LP heater is close to the condenser, o

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